Dobie (naoran42) wrote in beautiful_hands,

Is anybody out there?? Schoenberg's Phantasy =P

I was so estatic to find a community dedicated to my favorite pianist, and the saw the last post was a year ago, whoa?!  Where did everyone go??

Anywho, I adore his interpretation of Schoenberg's "Phantasy" with Yehudi Menuhin, my favorite violinist.  What a pair those two made.  So what does everyone think of this recording?  I also saw the video footage, and it is amazing.  I love watching them as well as listening.  They both had a very interesting discussion on the piece as well.

Simply gorgeous.  If you have the time, check it out.  Would love to give my synopis, however, I would ramble way too much, lol!  I think I already have.
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